Chairperson of Apeksi Bima Arya: Smart Cities Are Not Just Installing CCTV

Technological transformation as an excess of the Covid-19 pandemic has allowed people to work from anywhere. As long as they are connected to the internet, people can work from outside the city. However, inequality in development has made the role of the city remain central.


The city remains a magnet that attracts people to come. Urbanization continues. The city government must therefore be innovative in serving its citizens.


The following is a view related to several urban issues from Bima Arya Sugiarto, Chairman of the Management Board of the Indonesian City Government Association (Apeksi) for the period 2021-2024. Bima Arya, who is also the Mayor of Bogor, was interviewed at the Bogor City Hall, West Java, Thursday (17/3/2022).


What is your view on the smart city phenomenon?


Nowadays, suddenly many (cities) install CCTV, closed-circuit television. Want to have a command center, but the question is, what is the data for? We need data, but we also have to think about who and how the data is used.