Launching the XV APEKSI and ICE 2022 Rakernas in Padang, Bima Arya Reveals 3 New Things

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Chairman of the Board of Management of the Association of Indonesian City Governments (APEKSI), Bima Arya officially launched the XV National Working Meeting (Rakernas) and the 18th Indonesia City Expo (ICE) 2022 at Hotel Santika, Padang City, Wednesday ( 9/3/2022).


The XV APEKSI 2022 National Working Meeting which will be held on 7-10 August 2022 is a major annual activity attended by all its members to discuss important and strategic issues.


ICE, which is held in a series of National Working Meetings, is a showcase of Indonesian cities that will showcase development, innovation and superior products as well as the excitement of UMKM, Culinary and Art Performances as well as other interesting activities.


APEKSI Executive Director, Alwis Rustam in his report said, this is the initial meeting after 2019 in Semarang to prepare how the whole city budgets, prepares, commits, prepares in the National Working Meeting.


It is hoped that togetherness and APEKSI’s family can be maintained.


“Today’s meeting will have directions from the Chairman of the Management Board, the Mayor of Padang to prepare for festivals, exhibitions and competitions so that there will be an APEKSI Monument, APEKSI Park. Hopefully we can be more compact and strive to continue to accelerate the city’s economy,” said Alwis in a statement received Thursday (10/3/2022).


The chairman of the APEKSI Management Board, Bima Arya, emphasized that in the future APEKSI will strive to continue to synergize not only with the central government but also with related ministries.


But also with various parties to encourage change, development and progress of the city.


“We will share, inspire, collaborate with cities, communities, banks, the private sector, the campus will be encouraged to help agencies pursue economic growth,” he said.


First, the APEKSI Monument which is located at the Padang City Hall.


“Hopefully it will be finished on time. If I may, I suggest that it is made as if traveling around the archipelago to see the gardens that are unique to each city,” he said.


Then, a logo or city symbol is made, each of the same size as the name of the current mayor, which is carved.


“This is to leave a trace of history, that all of this is fighting for the city and its citizens,” he explained.


Second, the parade through the beach. There is a beautiful beach and many coffee shops.


“Hopefully not only Padang residents, but other areas will come pouring in which will definitely have a positive impact on Padang City PAD. Usually the parade is held in the city center, this time on the beach. This is extraordinary for Padang City,” he said.


Third, Youth City Changers Camp Program. A youth camp whose participants come from their respective regional cities who will be trained to share and build networks with national youth.


“Later, each city will send two participants, one male and one female,” said the Mayor of Bogor.


The Mayor of Padang, Hendri Septa stated, the appointment of Padang City as the venue for the National Conference and Indonesia City Expo was based on the final results of the agenda for the Selection of Candidates for the 15th APEKSI National Working Meeting in the series of activities of the VI APEKSI Pre-National Conference (Munas) at the end of January 2021. 


“We express our deepest gratitude and appreciation to all mayors, APEKSI board members who have attended this event,” he said.