The 18th Indonesia City Expo Held in Padang, a Symbol of Economic Awakening during a Pandemic

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – The Association of Indonesian City Governments (APEKSI) together with Kinarya will hold the 18th Indonesia City Expo in 2022 on 7-10 August 2022 at the Imam Bonjol Field (RTH), Padang City.


The series of activities include Exhibitions, Archipelago Cultural Arts Performances, Selection of the Best Stands, Culinary Festivals, Children’s Playgrounds, Cultural Parades, City Tours and Ladies Program.


The theme that will be raised in the 18th Indonesia City Expo in 2022 is “Youth Creative City”.


The 18th Indonesia City Expo in 2022 will be held in conjunction with the XV National Working Meeting of the Indonesian City Government Association XV in 2022.


Indonesia City Expo is the 18th exhibition organized by APEKSI which has proven that no less than 90 cities throughout Indonesia will participate in this exhibition.


This activity was carried out by KINARYA (PT Kinarya Cipta Kreasi) a PCO with experience in the field of event organization.

“I invite all mayors to succeed in holding the 18th Apeksi National Work Meeting and the 18th ICE in Padang City,” said the Chairman of the Apex Council, Bima Arya.


Indonesia City Expo is an annual exhibition that aims as a place to publish development achievements in the field of sustainable urban planning, and can open opportunities for collaboration between the government and the private sector in urban governance, open opportunities for business and investment cooperation between the government and business actors in various industrial sectors. , can create a synergistic relationship between city governments in the development of urban development.


“The 18th ICE and the APEKSI National Working Meeting are the first major events since the Pandemic. The last one was in Semarang in 2019. But the XV and 18th National Work Meetings this time are definitely different. We are not only holding new events but activities that are really necessary in this event ,” said the Executive Director and Secretary of the APEKSI Executive Board, Alwis Rustam.


The 18th Indonesia City Expo 2022 will be held at Imam Bonjol Field, Padang City with an exhibition area of ​​-/+ 15,200 m2 which is built with a large Roder Tent and can accommodate 132 Exhibition Stands which will be participated by the City Government, Regency Government, Provincial Government, BUMN BUMD, national private companies, MSMEs, educational institutions and the informal sector will participate in this activity.


This event will be the biggest event for the host of the Padang City Government considering that thousands of participants from almost all Apeksi Mayors and their staff will attend this event.


“We as the hosts this time are ready to welcome all mayors throughout Indonesia to come and make this event a success to revive the people’s economy after the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Padang Mayor Hendri Septa.


Besides that, to stimulate the economy of the UKM the committee has prepared local culinary stands, Millennial Culinary and souvenirs typical of the city of Padang to meet the needs of participants.


It is hoped that with this activity, the economic recovery will be seen and felt by SMEs so that they can move the community’s economy after the pandemic in the country.