Press Release Our Family Friendly City


Bogor, 25 January 2023 – “Golden Indonesia 2045 will only happen if we have a long term vision and an integrated approach to the concept of family, family issues are expected to become the main issue in our endeavors towards prosperous cities and townspeople”, said one of the chairman’s important messages APEKSI Chaiorperson who is also the Mayor of Bogor, Bima Arya Sugiarto. This was conveyed at the start of a series of strengthening the capacity of members of APEKSI in the program: Our Cities Family Friendly.


APEKSI’s collaborative program with DEMI KITA, the first startup in Indonesia to focus on family strategic issues. The inaugural event in a series of activities from this pilot program will take place January 24-25 2023 at the Bigland Hotel, Bogor. The training is also equipped with important material: Preparation of the Bride and Groom. Present in this activity were 9 (nine) pilot cities in Indonesia, namely: Bogor, Metro, South Tangerang, Pekalongan, Depok, Banjarmasin, Makassar, Ternate and Palu.


The heads of the Family Welfare Empowerment Mobilization Team (TP-PKK), the wives of the Mayor and Heads of Service and related OPD staff took part in this 1st batch of mentoring and training. In the evening, apart from the keynote speaker, Bima Arya, the Mayor of Bogor, whose mission is Bogor as a Family Friendly City. More than that, the Mayor of Bogor who is also the Chairman of APEKSI did not leave the place after delivering his material. Bima was seen seriously following the whole series of talk shows that night until the event ended.


The talk show, which discussed important material, was delivered directly by the resource person: drg. Kartini Rustandi, Mkes, Director of Productive Age and Elderly Health from the Ministry of Health, Rohika Kurniadi Sari, Assistant Deputy for Fulfillment of Children’s Rights on Care and Environment, Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection, Dr. Ir. Dwi Listyawardani, M.Sc., Dip.Com, Family Planning Extension Officer Main Expert of the National Population and Family Planning Agency, and Dinar Pandan Sari, Main Director for Demi Us.


Dinar emphasized, “The strategic indicator of the success of government programs is the family. Give examples such as indicators of maternal mortality due to childbirth, indicators of early marriage, indicators of divorce rates, and so on. The task of every development program operator is to ensure that the program can influence these indicators. So every input that comes in, goes out becomes an impact that can be felt by families in Indonesia,” he said.


This is very relevant to APEKSI’s mission in accommodating all the confusion and problems of its members. According to Bima Arya, “APEKSI does not only focus on state building, but also on nation building at the city level”. This means that urban development must be visionary and far-reaching for future progress, not only limited to governance at the city level, such as infrastructure development, smart cities, and system strengthening and bureaucratic reform. APEKSI is also very concerned with strengthening national character at the city level in moving towards cities that are inclusive of disabilities and minorities, cities that are resilient to disasters, cities that practice Pancasila values, including cities that are family friendly.


“Together with Demi Kita and APEKSI, we want to ensure the sustainability and innovation that occurs in each approach to realizing Our Family Friendly City. In the end we all have to move now. The future of Indonesia is determined by what we built yesterday and today,” concluded Dinar Pandan Sari, MA, Main Director for Demi Kita.