APEKSI Hopes the Central Government Disburses Village Funds Again


KBRN, Bogor: The sub-district funds disbursed by the central government seem to be very beneficial for the local government (Pemda).


However, since 2021 the government has decided to no longer allocate village funds specifically in the 2021 APBN, as allocated through the 2020 APBN in the additional General Allocation Fund (DAU).


This issue became one of the topics discussed in the APEKSInergi #2 Kompas Collaboration Forum-City Leaders Community Discussion with the theme ‘Strengthening Budget Politics for City Development’ which was held at Kompas Tower, Jakarta, Friday (10/6/2022).


The discussion was attended directly by the Mayor of Bogor, who is also Chairman of the Board of Management of the Indonesian City Government Association (APEKSI) Bima Arya, Director General of Fiscal Balance of the Ministry of Finance (Kemenkeu), Astera Primanto Bhakti, Research and Development researcher Kompas Mahatma Chrysna and Deputy Managing Editor of Kompas, Haryo. Damardono.


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