Collaboration between APEKSI, Clean Air Asia & Tangerang City Government in the Tangerang City Clean Air Action Plan (RAUB)


Air quality in cities is a concern because it can impact human health and the environment as a whole. Urban air quality is influenced by several factors, namely traffic and transportation, industry, waste burning, and construction and development. Poor air conditions are also caused by violations of air quality standards in the environment (ambient) which occur repeatedly and are potentially dangerous, so efforts are needed in air quality management to formulate coordinated action plans.


The Clean Air Action Plan (RAUB) was prepared to improve air quality in Tangerang City with a focus on identifying emission/output sources, calculating the role of emissions in air pollutants, and setting healthy air quality targets. The main objective of preparing the Tangerang City RAUB is to identify actions that can reduce emissions from main pollutant sources effectively and efficiently (cost-effectively) at the source, as well as to strengthen the air quality management system. RAUB requires an emissions inventory as a strategy and action plan for managing air quality in the region (KLHK, 2013). This emission inventory calculation comes from air pollutant sources and types of pollutants as a whole, including point sources (industrial chimneys), area sources (industrial activities, households, open burning of waste, fugitive emissions, agricultural activities and construction), as well as mobile sources ( includes on-road and non-road sources).


APEKSI, Clean Air Asia, and the Tangerang City Government held a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) on 12-13 February 2024 to find out more about emission sources, air quality improvement programs in Tangerang City, demonstrations regarding modeling using the LEAP-IBC methodology, and implementation every action plan in Tangerang City. It is hoped that this Focus Group Discussion (FGD) can make a significant contribution to air quality so that the proposed action plan is integrated with financing and policies in both the RPJPD, RPJMD and RKPD in Tangerang City.


Artikel oleh: Siffa Anastasya Komala #APEKSInternship