APEKSI 1st Board Meeting


JAKARTA. APEKSI held a Coordination Meeting of the Board, Supervisory Board and Chairperson of Regional Commissariat (Komwil) I-VI on 29 January 2024.


The Coordination Meeting was chaired by the Chairperson of the National Board/Mayor of Surabaya and discussed: City Poverty Baseline, Programs & Activities 2024, #APEKSInergi Partnership, 2024 Agenda/Calendar Update, Member Aspirations in the Transition Period, Big Data & Compilation of Assessments, Working Groups for Increasing Original Regional Income (PAD) and Financial Reports submitted by the Secretary of the National Board/Executive Director.


Present was the Chairperson of the Supervisory Board/Mayor of Banjarmasin, the Deputy Chairmen, Treasurer as well as the Chair of the Regional Commissioner: Mayor of Bontang, Mayor of Ternate, Mayor of Denpasar, Mayor of Metro, Mayor of Bandar Lampung and Mayor of Tidore Kepulauan as well as those representing the Mayors of: Medan, Makassar and Cilegon.


Material can be accessed via [eLibrary]