Launching of ICE 2024

Attended by more than 45 APEKSI city members consisting of Assistant 1, Cooperation/Government Section, Industry and Trade, Tourism, and other OPDs in the Launching of the 20th Indonesia City Expo (ICE), National Working Meeting Preparation Coordination and the 24th APEKSI Anniversary on 29 February 2024 in Balikpapan.


The activity began with an activity report by the Secretary of the APEKSI National Board/Executive Director, and remarks from the Mayor of Balikpapan and the Chairperson of the APEKSI Board/Mayor of Surabaya.


The inauguration of the launch was marked by pressing the digital button on the LED screen. This was followed by a technical presentation by the Regional Secretary of Balikpapan City and the Director of PT Kinarya Ciptra Kreasi. As well as drawing serial numbers for participants in the Cultural Parade/Carnival.


Material and documentation for this activity via the link [Material & Documentation]