APEKSI and Kartini Today


The APEKSI Directorate/Secretariat also celebrates Kartini Day simply, working with preening and wearing a Kartini-style kebaya. The history of R.A Kartini’s thoughts and movements greatly influenced the direction of women’s movements today. Women in the modern era are not the only ones who fight for gender equality, care about social, economic and environmental issues. They are also leaders, professionals, and ordinary individuals who always try to bring positive changes, no matter how small, to the people around them. Trying to have a positive impact with simple movements, taking a role in every setting of life they encounter. Modern women use education as a weapon to achieve their dreams, daring to explore fields that were previously considered incompatible with gender roles. They challenge the stigma and norms that limit women and fight for their rights and those of others.


The image of women must always be improved from their backward life in all aspects. Women who are intelligent, strong, never give up, and empowered in thought but still have principles prove that women must continue to educate themselves, educate the generation, educate the nation and civilization.


Women share roles, collaboration continues to be improved.


Article by: Nur Alvi Mauludi #APEKSInternship