Regional Secretary Forum 2023: Regional Leaders Dialogue and Formulate Joint Solutions


The 2023 Regional Secretary Forum succeeded in becoming a constructive and useful platform for regional leaders to share knowledge, experiences and innovative ideas. This event, which was organized by the Association of Indonesian Municipal Governments (Apeksi), succeeded in proving the importance of coordination and collaboration between regional governments in advancing more effective and competitive regional government.


This event was chaired by Mr. Alwis Rustam, MA (Int.Dev.) as Executive Director of Apeksi which was held at the Borobudur Hotel, Central Jakarta. Sourced by Dr. Suhajar Diantoro M, Si as Secretary General of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Agus Yudi Wicaksono, S.STP., M.PP. as Assistant Deputy for Talent Management and Human Resources Capacity Building, Dr. Syarif Fasha S.E M.E as Chair of the Jambi City Apeksi Supervisory Board and also the Regional Secretaries of the City Government who were able to attend in person were 34 cities, and the others attended online via the Zoom Meeting platform.


During this event, several strategic agreements and recommendations were adopted, including a commitment to increase cooperation between regional governments. Apart from that, the 2023 Regional Secretary Forum produced a joint statement which underscored the importance of collaboration in overcoming various regional challenges, especially this year, namely the political year.


The active atmosphere of the 2023 Regional Secretary Forum is clear evidence of the spirit of collaboration, high aspirations and determination to advance regional government in Indonesia. It is a place where regional leaders can embrace the spirit of change and find innovative ways to address complex challenges. The 2023 Regional Secretary Forum is an event that encourages regional leaders to work together for a better future for Indonesia.


Article by Muhammad Raihan Simbolon #APEKSInternship